Surf Training Fitness-How To Get In Shape For Surfing Without Water

surf training success review

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Surf training success review – Endurance, strength, and power to surf at your full potential
Surf Training Success is the latest program that guides users worldwide how to possess a stronger and fitter body for surfing. In Surf Training Success, you will learn how to surf proficiently, improve board control and balance, discover new styles and tricks, avoid risk of injuries, and feel less exhausted after surfing. This program will help surfers keep their surfing fitness so they are stronger, fitter and have more explosive power. You will update all the latest knowledge and techniques to offer a complete training program for beginners to surf on ocean. Surf Training Success is a step-by-step guide includes all of the material that a professional surfer needs.

Developed by Cris Mills, Fitness Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner, Surf Training Success surely works for you like thousands of people in the world.
In Surf Training Success, you will get three separate e-books divided according to each level. Level 1 features beginner exercises; Level 2 offers intermediate exercises; and Level 3 provides advanced workouts. 4-week program for each level will help customers develop upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular stamina, and more. You will discover new incredible and amazing techniques on how to become professional surfers. And you will learn:
• 6 Professionally Designed Surf Training Workouts in a step by step surf fitness program using the exercises and drills of the pros that you use improperly.
• Single Leg Training for more durable hips and knees, as well as building a powerful core and dynamic balance.
• Joint Specific Muscle Activations that will wake up “lazy” and shut-off muscles that cause you injury, pain, and weakness in the surf.
• Plyometric Power Training to build explosive lower body strength for stronger turns and faster reaction on the wave face.
• Surf-Circuit Training so you Stop Getting Caught on the Inside and have the Endurance to Surf for hours on those epic days!
• Discover the 18 Surf- Core Exercises to prevent low back pains, and build strength for explosive turning and faster pop-ups.
• 60 Best and Most Integrative Surf Training Exercises that you’re not currently using and desperately need to!
• How to Include Mobility Drills in your workouts to improve true flexibility while building surf specific strength… too many surfers don’t have enough flexibility, and building strength with inefficient exercises will lead to surf-ending injuries!
• Secrets of Professional Surf Training so you can stop using out-dated and inefficient exercises that are slowing down your surfing!

What Will You Get When Purchasing Surf Training Success?
• Bonus #1: 5 Essential Foods
• Bonus #2: Complete Guide To Surfer Nutrition Audio Interview
How Much To Get Started?
Surf Training Success comes at a shock price of $37. Your small investment will make you different. And, never do you forget it.
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Surf Training Success Review-Surf Training Success Product Details

surftrainigsuccessDetails on Surf Fitness Programs

I love surfing. I always have. It’s my thing. Ever since I was a teenager when I could spend a good part of our summer vacation to the coast each year out on the waves, it’s been part of me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky as the Z-Boys. I lived miles from the ocean. So for the most part, my dreams of being a world-class surfer never really did more than fuel a few weeks of misspent youth.

Fast-forward to now, where I’m older and have a job and STILL don’t have the time to surf– yet I still hit the waves at least every year. The problem is, I just couldn’t get better at a rate that I wanted. That was until my most recent trip when surfing with a guy about my age who was twice the surfer I was. After a particularly painful run for myself, I watched him ride the wave in and had to ask him how he had time to keep his skills fresh as an adult. He smiled and said all anyone needed was STS (as he called it). This, as I would be grateful to find out, was Surf Training Success— an online program that helps anyone who wants to learn to surf better enhance their abilities without having to be at the ocean?


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Surf Training Success Product Details

So how’s it work? Simple– this is an exercise program developed by Chris Mills– a world-class professional surfer. Chris understood that people like me wanted to learn to surf more and had time in our routine for exercise, but didn’t have the resources available to develop core muscles used for surfing or understand how to use those exercise to our advantage when out on the water.

Chris identified a real need and zeroed in on it in impressive fashion. The course is very well organized, and presents videos and manuals on all exercises and routines. Everything is explained both in how you have to do the exercise and in how it will improve your surfing abilities. It’s pretty straight forward, well put together, and best of all– it works just like it claims.


When you come to a review, you want a little personal touch of what the person who used the product liked and didn’t liked. The following sections of my review focus on giving you my personal reactions organized into things I noticed that were good and things I noticed that may cause some buyers to be better off with a different product. Here’s what I liked:

The thing is, I can’t always be catching waves. One of the best things about Surf Training Success is that it helped me focus all of my gym and exercise time into becoming a better surfer. I never had the insight into how every day work out equipment can be used to improve my performance on the waves even when I can’t surf for months on end! This to me was just the best thing since getting to and from the beach is not as easy as it used to be.
No matter where your surf game is lacking (strength, flexibility, paddling, rotational power, etc.) you’ll find exercises that focus where you need it most.
Included are videos to take you step-by-step through every last exercise and routine. With 6 in total (and the accompanying manuals) you’ll find tons of information and examples to ensure you are doing exercises correctly.
The number of bonuses and books that come with this program adds a great value. I didn’t personally need every last piece of it, but that’s okay when it’s under $50, I can afford to have the comprehensive version. Rest assured– you’ll get what you pay for and then some with this program.
Got ta love this– Chris Mills, the awesome professional surfer who put this incredible program together, is offering money back to anyone who isn’t completely satisfied at any time within the first 60 days! That’s MORE than enough time to look it over and know that this program is right for you or not.


Just like I offered insight into what I liked about the Surf Training Success Program, here are things I felt warranted closer attention before investing your money:

First and foremost– just as surfing is not for everyone, this program is not for everyone. You need to be reasonably active, fit, and free of injury to perform the exercises in this program. If you are looking to begin an exercise regimen or are unfamiliar with surfing and strenuous workouts, you may want to try a starter exercise program first.
This is a bit like the first point, but it needs to be said– this isn’t a miracle product. You don’t read the books and wake up being a much better surfer. In fact, if you don’t practice and study the program, nothing will change. So think about it, do you have the time and willingness to take your surf game to the next level? If the answer is YES, then you need this product.
This is an online only product, so if you live in some of the best areas of the world for surfing, getting online may be a problem (not every exotic beach I’ve been to has reliable internet or even reliable electricity) and you should likely stick with in-person instruction. However, if you are like most people in the world and you don’t live right next to the ocean but want to surf better, this is absolutely for you.
To Sum it all up …

This isn’t one of those programs that’s or anyone looking to exercise. It’s a very specific program to help surfers and those interested in surfing develop their surfing skills without having to be on the water all the time. Does it improve your weight, fitness, and energy levels? ABSOLUTELY? Should you sign up for this program if that’s what you are looking for? Probably not. This is for us surfers out there– even if you’ve never been able to spend enough time on the water to earn your cred– this is for you.

Simply put it’s the best and the cheapest surf training program I’ve ever encountered. Couple that with a money back guarantee and the choice is a no brainer. Order now and start seeing the results in your surfing game in no time!

surf training success review

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